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Mental Health Personal Essay
You don’t just wake up with it one day.  You
Example Pitch
Hello, (NAME)!   This is _________ from {insert company name},
Meet the Interviewee and Learn About Her History: I was
Teaching Memoir
I am standing in front of 6 students, them trying
Become a Marketing Expert with These 3 Podcasts
Consuming content and learning more about how to stand out
Example Pitch
Dear {{Last name}}, Imagine walking into Barnes and Noble, purchasing
A KEY to Finding Joy
I have been researching and speaking on passion and how
How To Change Your Mind Positively
I am often approached by people and told that they
How To Tackle The College Essay
Alrighty, now that you have finally accepted you have to
Pre-College Timeline: Summer Before College
Yay! Congrats!! You made it! You’ve made your May 1st