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Become a Marketing Expert with These 3 Podcasts
Consuming content and learning more about how to stand out in your industry can sometimes be, well... time-consuming.  One of the more convenient ways to consume content nowadays is through podcasts.  Podcasts are basically auditory journals or blogs that could give you a wealth of information.  From business podcasts to political podcasts to money podcasts to marketing podcasts, you can get your fill on what you need at the moment.  Today, I will be sharing three of my favorite marketing podcasts to help you learn from industry leaders. Social Media Marketing Podcast This podcast is run by Michael Stelzner who is the founder of the Social Media Examiner.  On this podcast, Michael shares strategies from industry leaders that would be heard nowhere else.  He has guests like Chalene Johnson, Nicky Saunders, and many more notable people. Some topics Michael covers include TikTok strategy, how to increase YouTube views, and how to develop an effective marketing strategy.  These episodes could be beneficial for your own personal brand but also is great knowledge when in a marketing job or signing on freelance clients.    The Goal Digger Podcast The Goal Digger Podcast is hosted by Jenna Kutcher who is a photographer turned marketer, podcaster, blogger, and thought leader. Jenna covers everything having to do with running or building a business but her marketing episodes are out of this world.  She has episodes on how to execute the best Pinterest strategy, how to start a podcast, and even how to run a successful blog (*wink*). Jenna also has superstar guests who share their stories and give some of the tips they have learned through their experiences. Jenna has guests like Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from Almost 30, Mel Robbins, and even a super special episode with Tony Robbins   The Jasmine Star Show They say you should save the best for last which is why The Jasmine Star Show is at number three. Host Jasmine Star dropped out of law school to become a wedding photographer and eventually turned into a social media marketing guru. She created a successful online photography business and everyone wanted to know her secrets. Jasmine Star has only recently launched her podcast after already creating a very successful career which means that she only brings her best advice to the podcast.  Jasmine has also had notable guests like Anthony O’Neal, Christy Wright, and Seth Godin to bring new perspectives into the conversation.     Podcasts are changing the game of how content is consumed.  Today, I only shared three but there are over 2 million podcasts out there that could be beneficial to you.  One may even inspire you to make your own.  Let us know in the comments what one of your favorite podcasts is! 

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