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Finding Your Passion
Sammi believes that one should always be following their passion or a hobby that they truly love.  Sammi has developed a three-step process, including the D.R.E.A.M (Design Radiant Energy And Move) acronym which allows teens to evaluate their own life and see what activities bring them the most joy in their day.  Sammi refines and renews this process often because many of her listeners offer feedback on how this process worked for them.

Curating Your Dream Life

Having something to look forward to and having something that brings purpose to the gruesome tasks in your day to day is the game-changer for living your best life.  Using Sammi’s acronym, B.E.D. (Brainstorm, Establish, and Design), many listeners and students have been able to create plans even at the youngest age of 13.  Many listeners will create vision boards and outlines of what they want their life to look like and many say that with this process, they often are able to see exactly what they want for their life and not what they are told to do.

Turning Pain Into Purpose
In this speech, Sammi opens up about her mental health journey and what living through an unknown mental illness through high school was like.  She highlights how much her senior year of high school transformed her life and how she was able to take control and find her purpose from her past experiences and current personal development journey.  This is one of Sammi’s top speeches when trying to reach an audience’s heart.  As Sammi is pretty much an open book, the vulnerability will move many people to think about their own stories and how to use their situations to their best use.  
Create A Winning Mindset

Sammi’s F.A.C.T (Forgiveness, Acceptance, Change, Thankfulness) acronym helps students not ponder over their failures and losses but rather to use them as a stepping stone for achieving what they want.  Many have said that this acronym has been eye-opening and how it is self-empowering to use their past troubles to propel themselves forward. 

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