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Dear {{Last name}}, Imagine walking into Barnes and Noble, purchasing a book, and instantly gaining a mentor for life. This was the goal when Melissa Pyrch set out to publish her memoir, Beyond The Bell: 12 Lessons for Navigating Your Life After High School. Hi, my name is Sammi Reyes, and I would love to introduce you to {insert client name} as the next guest on {{First name}}. For more than 20 years, high school English teacher {insert client name} been a huge support for her students and never quit on themselves.  While leading a motivational speaking class for a group of seniors in 2019, {insert client name} realized she needed to be listening to her advice.  She began the journey to becoming a published author, starting with getting herself on social media and creating {insert social media handle}. Since then, she has been speaking on how teenagers and adults alike need to believe in themselves more.   In addition to teaching and pursuing her author dreams, {insert client name} is a mom of 3 and a fire captain’s wife. She has learned to make sacrifices and deal with obstacles head-on, which she talks candidly about. Here are some talking points that {insert client name} can offer to your audience:
    • Welcome Fear: We all experience it, and no one is immune to it.  {insert client name} has had many experiences and led many of her students through learning to leap outside of their comfort zone and hold fear by the hand and take it along with them.
  • Pursuing Your Dreams As A (Working) Mom: There is no denying that being a mother is a full-time job in it of itself, but when you add on your career on top of that, where do you find the time to pursue side hustles or side passions that have dreams since you have been a young child. {insert client name} has experienced this firsthand and has learned a thing or two through the process.
  • Navigating Graduation and How to Move Onto The Big World (Students and Parents, alike): Moving from one big step to the next can cause big emotions to arise.  {insert client name} has many students come to her “after the bell” and often confide in fears and other feelings about the big next step.  She can offer some of the advice that she gives to these students. 
  • Helping Our Teenagers Navigate Post-Pandemic Life: As a high school teacher for 2+ decades, {insert client name} has seen firsthand how teaching and learning have differed since the COVID-19 Pandemic.  {insert client name} can discuss how we can help our teenagers and young adults in and out of the classroom at this time. 
You can follow {insert client name} on Instagram and Twitter and check out her website here. Her book is available for presale wherever books are sold and is expected to release on September 6th. {insert client name} has been featured in The Examiner and various local papers and has been seen on podcasts such as She Persisted, Fashion Your Passion, and Teen Life Coach, among others.  Please let me know if you are interested in having an empowering conversation with {insert client name}. I would be honored to set it up!

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