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Hello, (NAME)!   This is _________ from {insert company name}, the only flavored intimate wipe company on the market.  I would like to nominate our founder, {insert client name}, for (NAME OF SHOW). {insert client name} is a licensed psychologist who has spent years helping individuals overcome trauma and increase intimacy and connection. She created {insert company name} to increase communication and playfulness in the bedroom. She also realized that when it comes to wipes - us ladies have limited options! Now, with {insert company name} wipes - you can smell how you feel. So, if you are feeling in a piña colada mood, then you can use a {insert company name} Piña Colada intimate wipe and there you go! We have been getting a lot of buzz from celebrities, such as: . As well as, our customers and people are raving about our products. {insert company name} is an intimate/feminine wipe with flavors such as: piña colada, watermelon, cherry, mango, cinnamon bun and mojito.  {insert client name} has also been featured on podcasts and news outlets like “After Dark” with Laura Cain, “The Red Flag Collectors”, Fox 5 “Ask the Mom’s”, Sunday Morning View, CBS News, and more.  After realizing what these wipes could do for women, {insert client name}is on a mission to share {insert company name} message and show that sexual wellness should be talked about and how so many factors that happen outside of the bedroom can impact what happens inside the bedroom.  Below, I have enclosed our marketing brochure with more information about our product. And have included links to our Website, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, and Twitter. Please let me know if you are interested in having a chat with {insert client name} about how she went from psychologist to serial entrepreneur. I would love to set this up.  

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