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A FoolProof Guide To Clearer Skin

Are you on the quest to improve your life and your self confidence and your skin is just not agreeing with you? I’m right there with you.  Over the years, my skin and I have had a complicated relationship. One week it’s also clear and the next, my face looks like I have chicken pox. It’s the worst.  Since beginning my journey on focusing on getting healthier in every aspect of my life, my skin has begun to be on my side and not have it’s highs and lows like it used to.  I’ve gathered the 4 biggest steps I took to get clearer skin and I want to share them with you.

*Disclaimer: No way am I a medical professional or have any medical expertise, as well, I am not saying that this will work for you because everyone’s skin is different but this is what worked for me.*

  1. Keep Your Routine Simple.  My skincare routine is usually 2-4 steps depending on the time of day. That’s it.  I used to look at all of the beauty gurus out there and see how they use this oil and that lotion and all of the products and I thought that that was the way but then I realized that truly “Less is More.”  When I simplified my routine down to two to three products, I saw a drastic change. So what’s my routine? In the morning, when I wake up, I splash my face with cold water and head to the gym. When I get back from the gym, I will splash warm water, use Dove Sensitive Skin soap bar, rinse with cool water, and then I will use a topical antibiotic given by my dermatologist (I’ll talk about this later), and then I’ll apply an oil-free moisturizer.  At night, I will use the same soap and then I apply a topical retinoid.

2. Drink LOTS of Water.  You all know how I am with my water.  I drink about a gallon a day and with this amount of water, my skin seems to be more glowy and I am all for it.  I’m not asking you to drink a gallon of water to improve your skin but if you do want to, go for it. All I am asking of you is for you to evaluate your water intake on a day to day basis and maybe up it by a cup or two.  Many people I know neglect their health, well being, and energy by not drinking enough water. Our bodies are made up of mainly water and the more and more we don’t nourish that, the worse we feel over time and the worse our bodies will become.

3. Cut Out Food Groups That Aren’t Serving You (Or At Least Lessen Them).  Food is great.  All food is great yet in more recent days, the way that food has been made and processed just isn’t natural.  For me, I found that certain groups like sugar, salt, dairy, and meat, all did a number for my skin so I cut back.  I didn’t give it all up because then I would be miserable but I became vegetarian, watched my intake of salt and only had sugar in natural things like fruit and my protein shake, and I moved to dairy alternatives such as almond milk.  I’m not asking you to never eat a hamburger again or never drink a milkshake again but I am asking if you truly want to get clearer skin, to limit the number of certain food groups that don’t agree with you. Research an acne map and see what food categories aren’t agreeing with your skin and limit those groups for at least 30 days and see what happens.

4. Seek Help.  Last but not least, don’t be afraid to seek help and guidance from a medical professional like a dermatologist. If you believe you have severe acne or even if it has just become unbearable for you personally, don’t be ashamed to reach out.  It’s not a sign of weakness and it should not be embarrassing. It is a sign of taking action for changing your life and you should be commended for that, so I commend you.

These are just four ways that I have used on my journey to clearer skin.  In no way am I saying that these are the only four ways or that I know everything but this is what has worked for me and I wanted to share it with all of you.

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