What Do We Do Now?

As I sit at my desk and I begin to write a paper for my history class on the role of ideology in the emergence of Adolf Hitler, I become frozen and start to reflect.  This essay was assigned before the tragedy of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh but now as I write this paper, it becomes clear to me what happened and what is happening now.

I am not going to begin to hop on the political train because that is not why I am here. I am here to reflect on the way in which we have turned back time and how we have ended back up in the same place of hatred and unkindness.

This week, I held pain on my chest and in my heart.  I had my heart broken in more pieces then imaginable.  From a death in the family last Monday to the Tree of Life synagogue tragedy on Saturday, I am truly speechless and in intense mourning.  Never in my life would I believe that the worst Anti-Semitic act in America would be committed in 2018. With the resources and the knowledge that we have, we begin to think and reflect on why this has happened now.

You can argue that it’s our administration, you can argue that the right laws are not in place, and you can make it political.  To me, it’s not political. Even though I do believe that the administration can help solve this problem, I like to think more about the things that we can control: our words and our actions.

There is a way for us to look at this situation with the glass half full.  WE have the power to make the change and we have the power to show the people filled with hatred that WE ARE STILL HERE and simply that WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.  This is a perspective that we need to adopt yet it will take time. Time to heal. Time to nurture. Time to come together as one whole community, Jewish or not Jewish, and accept the fact that we have to deepen the work that we are already doing.  If you are asking yourself, what work? It is simply the work of love, kindness, compassion, patience, listening, and understanding of differences. It is the work of supporting others who are like and unlike you. It is the work of being you and not letting others knock you down by their words or actions.

I hope that we can all come together and declare Hineni, “Here I Am” Here I am ready to do the work, here I am ready to embark on this ever-present and deep journey of love and light.

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  • Thank you for opening up and declaring your observations and convictions about a lack of humanity and your optimism, Sammi! You have passion and soul in your words and I applaud you for sharing. As a representative of the your generation, I not only believe in you but know you will make a difference and will influence and inspire others. So I now have hope! I’m so glad I have gotten the opportunity to meet you personally and hope you will stay in touch throughout your amazing journey. Peace to all and
    Mazel tov!

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