Trying To Sell Yourself

Being able to “sell yourself” is such a hard task to master.  You can get intimidated by the professionals who are able to sell their product with class and confidence and you wish you could do the same.  Yet you are crippled by fear and anxiety of rejection or judgment.

I have gone through this and still continue to battle this.  Putting a podcast episode out there is the easy part because it allows you to use your voice and put out your message without having your face to the product so you avoid the connection and the judgment.  

But then you want your product to grow right so you can become successful? So you have to tell people about it.  In person. It’s scary, I’m not going to lie. You approach people and you want them to be super interested and super excited. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.  In this situation, you have to realize that you aren’t going to reach everyone and everyone is not going to get you but if you allow the “rejection” or disinterest to lean you in the wrong direction, then you won’t reach any audience at all.  

Last week, when I launched one of the hottest episodes to date, I was getting so much in person feedback and I truly did not know how to handle it.  EVERYONE was talking about it and so many people would come up to me and tell me how they had just listened to the podcast and that they enjoyed it and what they took away from it.  

It makes me ETERNALLY grateful that I have people who are SO willing to hop on board with me and to support me, and love my product, my baby.  It is not common for me to go around and talk about something that I am doing so passionately, but I learned how to do so and also learned how to do so humbly which is the most important part.

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