The Next Endeavour of The Journey

The second semester of my senior year of high school has just started.  As my favorite class of Public Speaking ended, a new adventure has emerged.  

My new semester-long class will be the Wise Individualized Senior Experience or more commonly known as W.I.S.E.  This is an opportunity for high school seniors to explore different career and ultimately life paths through gaining a mentor within your school community and going out into the overall community and finding an opportunity to experience the workforce based off of their passions.  In this class on top of the internship and mentor meetings, we have to document our experience through journal entries. I have decided, instead of creating a whole new platform for the series of journal entries through the semester, I will continue my presence on this blog and post them on here.  

As some of you may know, about a month ago, I launched a rebrand of the “30 Days of Motivation” series and made it into a whole podcast called the Fashion Your Passion Podcast.  Over the past few months, I have been exposed to an array of motivational speakers and leading professionals in the entrepreneurship field. These speakers have inspirational posts, podcasts, and videos yet I have come to see that these are geared towards middle-aged and older men and women.  After intensive research, I realized that there is no space just like this for teen and young adults. So I decided to create that space. The goal for this podcast is to create that space where teens are able to reach out and have another teen give insight through sharing her personal experiences and being vulnerable to be able to help teens become elite performers in their life because it has never been said or stated that there is a certain age that you can start to be successful.  It can happen at any time.

The path to choosing my mentor was the easiest step of the journey so far.  It was truly a no brainer. I have chosen Mrs. Pyrch as my mentor because she was the first one who got super excited about my podcast.  I had Mrs. Pyrch as my Public Speaking teacher last semester and she has been a true inspiration for me throughout the past few months. She is the one who truly opened me up to the motivational speaker field and opened me up to really doing something with my dreams and not just wish and wish and wish.  

I am blessed to have been one of the unique cases in which I have been able to pursue my dream life at the age of 17.  It is a blessing the insight I have gained and applied to my life to begin to create the best version of myself and the opportunities that have become because of my stance in just doing anything you dream of even if it inevitably becomes a failure.  This is my opportunity to help and guide those to help them see their life is so valuable and they are a true light and gem on this earth.

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