The First Interviews

This past week, I was able to schedule two very exciting interviews and I was super nervous about them.   I had listened to so many interviews over the past few months and in the week before, I had listened to some of the best ones again to note specific things that they would do and that I could implement in to make the interview process smoother.

It is much different for me then some of the big-time podcasters out there because a lot of the people that they have on their podcast have done press and interviews before and no one who I have lined up to interview really have.  Of course, some of the adults I have lined up will be able to be comfortable talking and being interviewed as many of them teach and talk in front of and with other people often. Because my podcast is geared towards high school students, I am having multiple students, mainly my friends who have compelling stories, on and when they are being interviewed, I sort of have to guide them more and brief them beforehand about what my intention is for their interview and I encourage them to be comfortable and to pretend that this is only a conversation between me and them and just to be themselves because that way we can create the most authentic content. 

This week, I am getting back on it.  One interview is recorded, three will be done this week, two next week, and a bunch of solo episodes will be planned and uploaded every other week.  Of course, because I am a young adult and the start of this podcast includes other young adults, consistency is something that will have to be worked on. 

Going into this business journey, I believed that everything had to be perfect.   I believed that without a fail, I would have a episode every week and that everything would go as planned and it did, during the period which I like to call the “launch high.” When you just released a new product and everyone is all about it and you are all about it and then the high eventually ends and then you actually have to WORK and deal with people and that what I am learning to do. 

Also, I am learning that not everything that I create right now will sound like top podcasters sound like.  I am 17 and only have three months of experience with any of this stuff.  With that, although I will always strive to produce the perfect content, it may not always turn out so perfectly. 

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