I Ran A Giveaway!

This week’s podcast interview is with the lovely Ms. Pyrch and in order to gain a greater audience, we decided to hold a giveaway on Instagram and it was an amazing experience!

We teamed up to give away a $30 gift card to Amazon and we got great feedback. When you hold a giveaway, you can attract a lot of people who may not engage regularly with your posts and when you team up with another person, your followings will criss-cross and you will gain more followers meaning more people to interact with your posts.  I have gained around 35 followers and they have all entered the giveaway.

The biggest intention for the giveaway was to drag people to the profile for the podcast on Instagram so when I post about the episode being launched on Wednesday, they will all see it and tune in and another catch to this is that for the first 24 hours after the episode is released, the winner of the giveaway will only be in the episode.  This means that those who entered the giveaway and want to know who won have to tune into the episode in order to find out.

Also, through this experience, I learned HOW to run a giveaway.  From posting that perfect picture on Instagram, to which rules you should include and not include, and how to pick a winner.  

For the rules, I learned that you have to keep it simple because many people will not want to do much.  So for us, we decided to have people to enter follow both Ms. Pyrch and I, like the post they are looking at, and then if they want extra entries, they can tag friends who are pursuing their passion!

Picking a winner I didn’t know how it was done fairly.  So I sought out the help of Ms. Stewart who has run a few giveaways on her Instagram and she taught me that I had to take all of the entries from Ms. Pyrch’s Instagram, my personal Instagram, and my podcast Instagram and add them all to an Excel spreadsheet.  Then I had to copy and paste all of the names into a random name generator and pick out a name. My oh my, was making that spreadsheet exhausting. We had 440 entries!

All in all, running my first giveaway was super exciting and super informative.  I am super excited to run some more in the future especially when Ms. Stewart comes on the podcast!

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