Going Solo

I didn’t know how I wanted to structure my podcast.  There are many people out there who have a different interview every single week, there are people who have a “solo” episode every single week, and there are people who do both interviews and solo episodes consistently.

For the beginning of Season 1, I thought that it would be beneficial for me to have an alternation of solo episode and interview.  I thought it would give me enough time to pull together the interview I would schedule and give me an opportunity to allow my own voice to be heard.  

After having a few setbacks with the first interview, I decided to commit two weeks to recording interviews so the last two weeks of February that is what I did.  I had about 10 interviews and an entire schedule ready to go.

As for the solo episodes, I would have to record those when I got the opportunity to do so.  Of course, life gets in the way and most of the solo episodes were recorded on a Sunday. I feel like it is a lot harder to record and brainstorm a solo episode because you have to come up with your own content and you get to decide the direction and the topic and if you decide on a topic that you aren’t so passionate about, it may be a flop.

Some episodes I would have a great topic that I could talk a lot about but I had a hard time finding which direction to go.  It was the question of which area/subtopic of this topic am I “well versed” in and would be beneficial to my audience.

I believe that each one of my solo episodes is good and the content in it is relevant.  I think that with better planning and choosing topics I can truly be excited and motivated to talk about will better help me with my execution.

Of course, the next solo episode of the podcast will be my W.I.S.E presentation because I had to flip Mrs. Ferrier’s interview so that it would be released the week before spring break and the week during and also I think that it is less annoying to have three interviews in a row than to have 2 solo episodes in a row so I will be releasing the interview I did with my Rabbi this week and we will get back to a regular schedule next week.  

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