Diving In Deep

It is becoming super real right now. It all happened on Monday when I was granted such an opportunity that I will never forget.  

For those of you know don’t know, on Monday, March 11th, my school had the pleasure to hear and workshop with the wonderful Dr. Omekongo Dibinga who is a renown motivational speaker and professor of cross-cultural communication at American University.  He spoke to us about being an upstander for issues that we are passionate about and how being an effective person who gives back must learn how to develop themselves and care for themselves as well. I knew that we totally vibed and I had planned to go up and talk to him after his speech.

So after his speech, I did just that.  But… as I was walking towards him, my AMAZING mentor, Mrs. Pyrch, stopped me in my tracks and was like “Sammi, I want to introduce you.  He would be a great guest on your podcast.” I told her, “I was just about to do that!” So we both went up to him together, me being so excited that I could barely breathe and Mrs. Pyrch just started talking about me and my podcast and I didn’t even know what was going on.  Dibinga then asked “Would you like me to be a guest?” and I was starstruck as I said “Yes, of course!”

Later that day, just before I went down to go record with Dr. Dibinga, I ran into Mrs. Pyrch’s room and told her “I’m so nervous.  I going to do it now.” She was able to calm me down and said to me” It will be fine. He is a speaker after all. Just let him talk and follow.  Seriosuly. Don’t sweat it Sammi.”

Then before he had to present to the staff and faculty, we met in the library conference room, I printed out the list of questions that I had quickly written up for him during class last period and we hit record.  I was nervous at first but I took Mrs. Pyrch’s advice and just let him talk. And it went super well. I was able to learn more about him and I was able to take his knowledge and distribute it to my tribe.

Although his episode will not be released for a little while, I am so excited about it. I still cannot believe that I had the opportunity to interview a renown speaker and entrepanuer. I truly was like a bucket list item and I could only imagine where this podcast could go after this episode is released.

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